Pandora’s Box was created so that couples could have the planner of their dreams without paying a high price for it. We strive for perfection in every aspect of your day. With our specialty in all things themed, Pandora’s Box can handle anything you throw our way. Whether your wedding has elves or elephants, is religious, traditional, or somewhere in between, Pandora’s Box will be there every step of the way to ensure magic at every turn.



hopeimageHope is our owner and lead planner! With her background in the arts, eye for detail, passion for perfection, and natural leadership skills she is uniquely qualified to create your wedding. Hope loves all things nerdy and specializes in themed weddings; some of her favorites have been Van Gough’s Starry Night, Alice in Wonderland, and Game of Thrones. Hope is a designer by instinct and will go to great lengths to insure your wedding is just as magical as you are.

        Deep in the throes of Greek Mythology we find ourselves with a story of a girl: Pandora. Before you read of her tale, you must first read of another: the Titans Prometheus and Epimetheus. The two were brothers, one the creator of man and the other the creator of animals. As the years went past Zeus became angry at man, for they resembled him too much, they advanced without the gods. As punishment, Zeus stole fire away from them, forbidding its use. This was unacceptable to Prometheus who defiantly gave it back. Zeus was furious and bound Prometheus to a rock, damning him to eternity alone.  This wasn’t enough for Zeus, he needed to punish man as well. So, he created Pandora, the worlds first woman. She was crafted out of water and earth and bestowed with gifts such as beauty, charm, curiosity and persuasion. She was then presented to the Titan Epimetheus as his bride, but not before she was given a wedding gift: a box; as beautiful as she it begged to be opened. He loved Pandora for she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

        “You must never open this box, Pandora,” Zeus had told her. But, obeying was not her nature and one fateful afternoon without her beloved husband by her side, Pandora opened the box. Just a crack. Out poured all of horrors of the world: famine, disease, war, death. Terrified, Pandora tried desperately to close the box, but it was too late. She opened the box again, hoping the darkness would return and instead saw another gift, lingering at the bottom. The last gift the gods had given. Hope.


Pandora’s Box offers a wide array of packages for every bride! From day of coordination to full planning we can do it all. If you’d like more information regarding our packages please feel free to contact us. Consultations are complementary and we would love to hear from you!


The Finvarra package is a day-of coordination package that’s perfect for the DIY bride that’s got it all handled. Once all the planning is done, Pandora’s Box comes in to oversee all the details so your wedding is everything you ever imagined! We’ll meet with you, discuss your ideas, vision, vendors, venue, and then create a plan to help you execute your perfect day. Pandora’s Box will run both your rehearsal and the day-of, so you and your loved ones can focus on what’s important: saying “I Do”.

Starting at $1000


The Aos sí (ees-shee) package is a partial planning package that’s perfect for brides that want in on the action! This package includes everything offered with Finvarra, and gives you the opportunity to have your planner attend and assist select venue and vendor appointments. We’ll review, amend, and negotiate contracts, help design the overall theme, meet with you for planning appointments, and provide you with outlined updates throughout the duration of your engagement. Have all the fun of planning your own wedding without any of the stress with this customizable package! 

Starting at $2500


The Aoibheal (Ah-veel) package is a total planning package. Pandora’s Box will take care of all of the details so that you don’t have to! We’ll start with an information gathering session to talk about your hopes and dreams for your big day, then Pandora’s Box will oversee everything from helping to choose your venue(s) and vendors, negotiating contracts, sending out invitations, and coordinating your day-of. Pandora’s Box will handle every aspect so that your wedding is just as magical as you imagined. Weddings can be stressful, but with Pandora’s Box by your side you can sit back, relax, and watch your beautiful wedding unfold before your eyes!

Starting at $4000



Our A La Carte menu is designed for couples that want to build their own package. All of the items pair beautifuly with our other packages and are perfect for couples that need a little bit extra pre and post wedding planning/coordination. As per Pandora’s Box’s specialty, the A La Carte menu also includes options for themed weddings; bring the magic to life with our build-you-own plan that includes, but isn’t limited to:

A La Carte
-Finding vendor(s) or location(s)
-Creating and placing the engagement or wedding announcements in the local paper
-Engagement party coordination
-Honeymoon planning
-Thank you card coordination
-Assisting with the scheduling of meetings/when to book vendors

A La Carte for Themed Weddings
-Creating/acquiring unique items that fit the theme
-Assistance with any/all DIY creations for the themes
-Assisting in the creation of the theme


This planner is wonderful. She created a beautiful setting with a limited budget. Everyone had a fantastic time.

Lucy Ambler, 50th Anniversary, 8.19.17 

Hope saved my wedding day! She learned what I wanted in such a short span of time, and knew exactly what to do to make my dreams come true. She has an amazing amount of insight with how to make an event flow. The moment you give her a task, she will have it done before you can even blink. All brides should have a Hope Rowe by their side! Thank you, Pandora’s Box!

Ashley Morgan, Bride, 11.19.16